keskiviikko 26. marraskuuta 2008

A Shipment to East or West

On Friday the passengers of Helsinki's Metro will receive a gift. I am planning to set my Friend's, Lasse Nordlund's book "Elämämme perusteista"/"On the Basis of our Life" on every seat of a single metro-wagon.

This book will be published nationally on this friday in Tampere. Lasse has been living outside monetary economy for more than ten years in Finland! He has made his garments himself from the fibre plants he has grown etc. A truly "Buy Nothing Day Everyday"-person. In Finland we have "Buy Nothing Day" on Friday  28th November this year.

So I'll test. What happens when there is something on your seat when you want to sit? It can be sopmeones bag, a "Metro" newspaper of in this case a book that everyone else in this particular metro will notice and are forced to react. Does this kind of act replace the ongoing reality with newone for a moment? Is a sense of temporary community created?

Ripping the predictable patterns of everyday life is one of the most important abilities/possibilities of Art, isn't it?

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wy kirjoitti...

It also reminds me of an England band, Radiohead when they released their album earlier this year on the internet. People can decide how much they want to pay for the album. The mininum is $0.
What's the value of a product now? Who should be deciding? When can we refuse to this preset value system? I like your idea. We will see what happen tomorrow.