tiistai 25. marraskuuta 2008

Density in Helsinki's Metro

Advertising is taking more and more space in urban landscapes. Ads are also filling public transport in notable way. In Helsinki's metro there were firstly ads in the each end of metro-wagon. Then came posters next to doors, then small A4 size ads to the poles and recently the bottom of the windows were commercialized. 

There used to be two free newspapers in Helsinki's metros; the "Red one" and the "Green one", The "100" and the "Metro". Only "Metro" survived. In morning rush-hour almost everyone is reading this paper at the same time. So in a way virtually all readers share the same physical and mental landscape in these lovely orange-colored wagons. Anyway these phenomena are experienced quite individually, no sense of communality exists, or at least is hard to be aware of it.

With my acupuncture, I'd like to create an inner sameness for the moment in rush-hour metro. A temporary moment of belongingness similar like yesterdays effusive snowfall.  

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Urban Acupuncture kirjoitti...

The same people can even sing together; and they have. It has been wittnessed.
* Marco